Sunday, October 30, 2011

My reloading 38 rimfire experiments

my antique 38 rimfire H&A dictator revolver with a .375 bore

original vintage 38 rf cartridges with .377 bullet size

There are a few ways to reload 38 rimfire ammo first 2 are the 9mm flobert method.

The first is to use 9mm flobert acorns, and some 38 colt brass.I Drilled out the primer end of
the 38 colt brass with a 11/32 drill bit. Glued the acorn into one end of the brass (removed the lead ball out of the BB's of course ) and i loaded with black powder and a heeled 38 colt bullet. (A .357 hollow base or paper patch bullet should also work) 38 colt brass is basically a shorter version of  38 special brass so it will work also if trimmed down. 
9mm Fiocchi Flobert shot shells
The other way was to use the flobert shot cartridges (easier to get) cut it down and did the same thing as above.

The rim came off when i drilled the 11/32 hole so the flobert rim became the new rim.
of course the bullet will need to be seated before drilling the base because trying to load it with a live rimfire base could set off the round.

You can see here how the firing pin on the h&a pistol strikes the side of the rim.

 I tried a empty .25 caliber nail gun blank here on 38 special brass it could work for some guns with a longer vertical firing pin. my rimfire pistol has a horizontal firing pin (above)and it will miss the blank.

I now have a 38 rimfire revolver with a vertical firing pin, i tried it here with a .27 calibre nail gun blank the
 same way i did the 32 rim.(see above top right)you can see i had the blank set too far in and the firing pin also hit the 38 special case and left a mark but it did fire.i used the blank in a unloaded round just to see if it would work.

My 38 rimfire  dictator(think i need a better tripod)
I've heard of people using the white tips off strike anywhere wooden match heads to reload rimfires i will experiment with that also. But i can't really see it working very well if at all.
I'm trying the match head method in my .32 rimfire blog  


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